The ARIDON® Smart Wall System

BRINGING GLOBAL BEST PRACTICE 'continuous insulation' TECHNOLOGY TO NZ  –  WE've  ADDed sOME KIWI SMARTS and made it weatherproof as well!


The high performance building envelope for  timber, steel, masonry and CLT structures.

The ARIDON® SMART WALL system is a series of interlocking rigid panels that enclose the building frame in a weatherproof, thermal shell. It combines global best practice “continuous insulation” technology with scientifically proven weatherproofing performance.

The ARIDON® SMART WALL replaces multiple products, multiple layers and multiple trades with a single system.



The systems approach to building significantly reduces the risk of moisture related building failure while maximising thermal performance and overall quality.


The ARIDON® SMART WALL system forms a weatherproof thermal shell which acts as an intelligent control layer for the building – managing rain, air, vapour and heat movement to form "The Perfect Wall”. International building science has proven that moving the “control layers” to the outside of the frame is a far superior way to:

  • Eliminate heat loss through the frame (thermal bridging)
  • Provide superior long term energy efficiency (significant reduction in power bills)
  • Stop internal moisture (condensation) and mould/mildew forming in your walls by keeping the frame warm and dry
  • Stop external (rain) moisture ingress
  • Provide a healthier internal environment

In Germany – external continuous insulation has been the traditional solution for insulating buildings since the first energy performance regulations were introduced in 1977. In the USA more buildings are constructed each year using continuous insulation than our entire housing stock in NZ.

KEY BENEFITS – the all-in-one smart solution


  • Superior Insulation performance vs any traditional system on the market (Equivalent performance to 140 Framing & R4 Batts) - ARIDON® wraps the building frame in a thermal shell and eliminates thermal bridging (heat loss through the framing). A recent study by BRANZ revealed the ARIDON® SMART WALL reduces heat loss through the walls by over 40%.
  • Superior weather-proofing. The SMART WALL’s interlocking self-sealing joints & in-built drainage cavity acts as a moisture barrier, ensuring water that does penetrate the cladding will not infiltrate the wall framing cavity - reducing material degradation and extending the service life of the building.
  • Eliminates the likelihood of condensation forming in your frame (sick building syndrome) – the SMART WALL keeps the frame warm and moves the dew point out of the wall frame zone preventing mould and mildew accumulation inside the wall.
  • Healthier homes ensure the air we breathe is as free as possible from pollutants. The SMART WALL panels interlock together to provide a seamless insulating air barrier - reducing undesirable air flow and moderating internal temperature fluctuations.
  • Design Flexibility: The ARIDON SMART WALL System is available in the all-in-one SMART WALL 80mm Ribbed system or the SMART WALL 60mm Flat/Flat + Structural Batten options. Suitable for timber, steel and masonry structures in both residential and commercial builds. 


You pick the system to suit your design requirements - the benefits remain the same! Suitable for new builds or re-clads.



ARIDON SMART WALL Home - Palmerston NorthAre there any restrictions on design, building type or cladding? No – The ARIDON® SMART WALL system can be used on any type of building – new or re-clad. We also work closely with the majority of cladding manufacturers to ensure ease of specification and construction.

This system seems very new – can I trust it? In Germany – external thermal insulation has been the traditional solution for insulating buildings since the first energy performance regulations were introduced in 1977 and in the USA more buildings are insulated annually with continuous insulation than our entire housing stock here in NZ. Exterior sheathing/continuous insulation has a long and very successful history.

At ARIDON® we have cracked how to merge the superior insulation with the weatherproofing technology, taking the best of both worlds. Like the smart phone – we have taken the optimum ‘tried and tested’ components and combined them into one simple solution. 

ARIDON SMART WALL - Auckland HomeWill the Local Territorial Authorities accept accept the ARIDON solution? Absolutely. The system is fully BRANZ Appraised, we deal directly with Territorial Authorities (councils) so they are familiar with the system and we work closely with all the large cladding companies.

Is the system expensive? No! Our system is far superior to traditional building techniques but at a comparable cost; we have a much faster return on investment due to the significant energy savings and construction time saved, in addition to lowering the risk of building envelope failure in the long term.

Where do I get supply from? Direct from us! We wanted to ensure we delivered on all our promises – so send us your plans, our draughtsman will price up the job – once accepted we work directly with your builder and schedule, ensuring our materials and install teams are on-site when required.

Who can install the ARIDON® SMART WALL? 

ARIDON Limited is a one stop shop - from design support to installation. Due to significant labour shortages in the main centres, we decided to take the pain away and have our own nationwide teams installing the ARIDON SMART WALL system – so there are no delays. We’ve developed a group of specialists in building envelope installation and waste management – this maintains exceptional quality on site and ensures we deliver on our promises.  

Why would I move away from traditional NZ building practices? 

Interestingly – not many countries build houses like we do here in NZ. The walls are significantly thicker off shore, and they insulate exceptionally well as they know the long and short term benefits of energy efficiency and they aim to minimize the air flow through the building. The first round of New Zealand's leaky homes, predominantly caused by leaking claddings and failed flashings is well known. What is less well known is that there are a growing number of homes leaking from the inside due to excessive condensation within the wall construction.

Compared to Kiwi’s behavior 20 years ago – we spend far more time inside, we work significantly longer hours, we have multiple electronic devices, all of which create a different internal environment within buildings and we have to ask ourselves, have the building materials we are using from 20 years ago adapted? The SMART WALL has adapted and is the smart choice for the future!

ARIDON SMART WALL - Palmy Group Builder upgrade

How green/sustainable is EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)? 

Sustainable architecture seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and space. ARIDON® is 100% committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment – which is why we combined four products into one.Yes our product is made of EPS – which is 98% air and 2% oil. The life cycle analysis of EPS demonstrates that the positive benefits derived from its energy efficiency, exceeds the energy required for manufacture. We need to remember - this is not an EPS argument, it’s about reducing the number of materials we use in the build – less materials, less impact.

Interestingly,  the ARIDON SMART WALL system is one of the only building envelope systems that can be recycled in NZ!

Can I use the ARIDON SMART WALL Systems for Re-Cladding?

Absolutely - what better way to maximize your insulation and weatherproof your build - without breaking the budget.

ARIDON SMART WALL - Auckland Leaky Home Re-clad        ARIDON SMART WALL - Rangiora Reclad