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ARIDON® - 2014 Westpac Manawatu Business Awards Winners!

ARIDON® - Winners of the Education / Research / Technology Award 2014! Congrats to all other winners on the night.

ARIDON® Ltd - Takes away 2 Gold Awards at the 2014 New Zealand Plastics Awards Ceremony

Award 1 - Building Segment - Gold

Awards 2 - EPS Foams Segment - Gold

homestylegreen.com - Leaky Homes 2.0 

Published 23rd Sept 2014

Check out this podcast from homestylegreen.com talking about the main causes for moisture in your home - An interesting listen and a great segment on ARIDON® and how it combats these issues. Fast forward to 18 Minutes for the shortened version.

Click on the link below to listen 


TV3 News –Techbites: A new building system giving you the warm fuzzies!

First energy efficient ARIDON® house

Check out the first energy efficient, six star ARIDON® house!

ARIDON® - A simple, cost effective solution to Christchurch brick veneer re-work

ARIDON® has the solution to re-clad earthquake damaged brick veneer homes without requiring removal of the existing foundation rebates. ARIDON® is not only cost effective but will provide your dwelling with superior waterproofing and insulation. Typically brick veneers require a cavity that is pre-formed within the foundation. If a homeowner wants to replace the brick veneer with a lighter cladding (which has been recommended), there is a 110 -140mm cavity that needs removal, which is not only costly, but also complicated. The ARIDON® panels, which encompass the insulation, building wrap and cavity battens, are 80mm thick and sit comfortably in this pre-formed brick cavity, allowing light weight claddings to be re-installed with minimal or no packing.

In addition to these physical benefits, ARIDON can significantly reduce the disruptive impact of renovations, on you and your family. As the ARIDON® system is a temporary weatherproofing system - you would only need to relocate for 1-2 days as the house is re-clad in ARIDON® and the windows are replaced (Building Code requirement regardless of cladding). ARIDON® - The simple, cost effective solution!