Beyond the facts - it's global best practice, has extensive history of performance excellence, de-risks the build and has been extensively tested for NZ conditions - here's a bit more building science to support your decision making.

  • ARIDON SMART WALL provides superior insulation performance vs. any traditional system on the market (Equivalent performance to 140 Framing & R4 Batts) by wrapping the building frame in a continuous insulating shell, which eliminates thermal bridging (heat loss through the framing).

Cavity insulation – our favored form of insulating in NZ, performs very well in the stud cavity - however timber is not a good insulator and steel is very poor, so the building suffers from cold and potentially damp spots (thermal bridging).

  • Superior weather-proofing. The SMART WALL’s interlocking self-sealing joints & in-built drainage cavity acts as a moisture barrier, ensuring water that does penetrate the cladding will not infiltrate the wall framing cavity - reducing material degradation and extending the service life of the building. ARIDON SMART Wall provides the 4D's of weather protection: Deflection, Drainage, Drying & Durability.


  • The safest way to prevent condensation forming in wall cavities is to keep the wall cavity warm, and ensure the dew point does not sit inside within the wall fabric (dry zone of the building envelope). The ARIDON® SMART WALL system wraps the building frame in a thermal weatherproof shell, which maintains the wall cavity at a temperature very similar to that of the room itself. The theoretical dew point of the SMART WALL system is near the exterior face (wet zone side) of the panel – exactly where it should be!

  • Healthier homes ensure the air we breathe is as free as possible from pollutants. The ARIDON SMART WALL panels interlock together to provide a seamless insulating air barrier - reducing undesirable air flow and moderating internal temperature fluctuations.

ARIDON SMART WALL - Passive House double insulation   ARIDON SMART WALL - Palmy Home

  • Say goodbye to compliance headaches. The SMART WALL is a fully installed system; there are no delays, no labour shortages, no multiple trades, no supply issues and no warranty concerns. Fully BRANZ Appraised for NZ conditions. We stand behind our product from design to installation.
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of the Build. We’ve combined four products into one, maximised the builds long term energy efficiency and we ensure every piece of waste panel is either up- cycled as additional insulation or recycled.
  • Speed up build times, no labour shortages. The SMART WALL provides a weather tight rigid air barrier enabling temporary weather protection and fast close in prior to cladding installation. Our in-house installation teams can clad an average house in 2-3 days, meaning no delays for weather, as inside trades can carry on regardless of progress with cladding.
  • Enabling Design Resilience. The ARIDON® SMART WALL system was designed to enable the building to adapt to changing conditions (e.g., storms, flooding, heat, etc) and to maintain or regain functionality in the face of this disturbance. It is the ultimate control layer for management of rain, air, vapour and heat.
  • NZ Designed. NZ Manufactured. NZ Warrantied. Here at ARIDON Limited – we are specialists in the design and development of smart building systems - turning smarter ideas into clever products that benefit the planet, as well as the lives of buildings and the people who reside within them.


  • Fully BRANZ Appraised
  • No compliance headaches – fully installed and warrantied system
  • Suitable for timber, steel and masonry frames
  • Suitable for residential and commercial new and re-clads
  • Rigid Air Barrier – exceeding extra high wind zones
  • Speeds up the build time due to early lockup
  • Fire retardant in every panel
  • High strength/durability
  • 100% recyclable in NZ