Specifier and Builder Guide PDF DownloadThe super-insulated rigid air barrier - the perfect building envelope for timber, steel, masonry and CLT structures. Suitable for residential or commercial builds, with no restrictions on cladding.

The ARIDON® SMART WALL system is a continuous layer of interlocking, rigid panels that wrap around the building frame, to form a weatherproof thermal shell.  This shell acts as an intelligent control layer for the building – managing rain, air, vapour and heat movement through the building envelope. This concept is recognised by international experts as "The Perfect Wall"- as it is the best way to minimise building envelope failure and provide a healthier, more energy efficient and sustainable building.



The perfect wallThe perfect wall according to Global Expert Joseph Lstiburek is an environmental separator—it has to keep the outside out and the inside in.  In order to do this the wall assembly has to control rain, air, vapour and heat via:

a rain control layer

an air control layer

a vapour control layer 

a thermal control layer

If you can't keep the rain out don't waste your time on the air. If you can’t keep the air out don’t waste your time on the vapour. The best place for these control layers is to locate them on the outside of the structure in order to protect the structure. The cladding function is principally to act as an ultra-violet screen, a first rain screen, in addition to the aesthetics of the building.
Here at ARIDON® - We've taken the "PERFECT WALL" to the next level - making it really smart by combining all four control layers into an all-in-one control layer - The ARIDON® SMART WALL.


Wall Comparison

      • Reduce your design risk - specifically internal & external moisture ingress      
      • Exceed H1 compliance and eliminate thermal bridging - regardless of your design & framing ratios 
      • Remove compliance headaches - as a fully installed system, there are no delays, no warranty concerns and it can’t be swapped out on site
      • Enables Design Resilience. The ARIDON® SMART WALL system was designed to enable the building to adapt to changing conditions (e.g., storms, flooding, heat, etc) and to maintain or regain functionality in the face of this disturbance.  It is the ultimate control layer for management of rain, air, vapour and heat.
      • Reduces the carbon footprint of the Build. We've combined four products into one, maximized the builds long term energy efficiency and we ensure every piece of waste panel is either up-cycled as additional insulation or recycled. 
      • Speed up build times, no labour shortages. The SMART WALL provides a weather- tight rigid air barrier enabling temporary weather protection and fast close in prior to cladding installation.Our in-house installation teams can clad an average house in 2-3 days, meaning no delays for weather as inside trades can carry on regardless of progress with cladding.
      • On-going, accessible support. From locally based people who can talk your language.
        We have structural engineers, draughtsman, project managers & developers on hand, to ensure all your technical queries can be discussed in detail and even constructed in our R&D workshop if necessary. www.aridon.co.nz/technical-library

 ARIDON® will simplify jobs, improve workmanship on site and speed up the way we construct quality buildings.

3D wall

ARIDON - Christchurch Multi Residential Development

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ARIDON SMART WALL Suite of Wall Products


Master builder gold winnersAre there any restrictions on design, building type or cladding?

No – The ARIDON® SMART WALL system can be used on any type of building – new or re-clad. We also work closely with the majority of cladding manufacturers to ensure ease of specification and construction.

This system seems very new – can I trust it?

In Germany – external thermal insulation has been the traditional solution for insulating buildings since the first energy performance regulations were introduced in 1977 and in the USA more buildings are insulated annually with continuous insulation than our entire housing stock here in NZ. Exterior sheathing/continuous insulation has a long and very successful history. The team at ARIDON® have cracked how to merge the superior insulation with the weatherproofing technology, taking the best of both worlds. Like the smart phone – we have taken the optimum ‘tried and tested’ components and combined them into one simple solution.

Who is ARIDON Limited and will you be here in 20 years?

Our team has over 50 years combined experience in the building industry – at the core of our business are structural engineers who know the importance of creating buildings that are strong and resilient. However – we also knew we needed support and ongoing input from architects and builders, to ensure the aesthetics of a design would not be compromised and the system worked seamlessly with traditional build techniques, so we formed key alliances along the way. Oh – and then we got some “smart money” behind us to ensure we are here for the long term. Read more...

Will the Local Territorial Authorities accept the ARIDON® solution?

Absolutely! The system is fully BRANZ Appraised; in addition to that we deal directly with Local Territorial Authorities, so they are familiar with the system and we work closely with all the large cladding companies.

Is the system expensive?

No! Our system is far superior to traditional building techniques but at a comparable cost; we have a much faster return on investment due to the significant energy savings and construction time saved, in addition to lowering the risk of building envelope failure in the long term.

Are the ARIDON® Systems difficult to detail?

No! We have followed standard E2 details to ensure that standard structural systems, window systems and cladding flashings can be used so there are no surprises. We check the SMART WALL details work in with all the major cladding system details to ensure warranties are maintained. Check out our technical details

Will the ARIDON® SMART WALL impact my design?

Only in a positive way - Complex geometric shapes are achievable with the SMART WALL system and practically any cladding can be used so your building can look just as you want it to. In addition, the SMART WALL has the advantage of creating deep reveals to windows and openings.

Is the system manufactured and cut off site and then assembled on site?

The standard ARIDON® panels are factory manufactured off-site, however the ARIDON® installation teams bring the customisation factory to site. We have custom designed wire cutters to cut the panels on site to suit the actual framing and layout of your project. No shop drawings are required and we ensure no dust or debris litters the site. It’s the best of both worlds – factory precision customized to your build.

Where do I get supply of ARIDON® SMART WALL ?

Direct from us! We wanted to ensure we delivered on all our promises – so send us your plans, our Quantity Surveyor will price up the job – once accepted we work directly with your builder and construction programme, ensuring our materials and install teams are on-site when required.

Who can install the ARIDON® SMART WALL?

Due to significant labour shortages in the main centers, we decided to take the pain away and have our own nationwide teams installing the SMART WALL system – so there are no delays. We’ve developed a group of specialists in building envelope installation and waste management – this maintains exceptional quality on site and ensure we deliver on our promises.

How green/sustainable is EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) ?

Sustainable architecture seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and space. ARIDON® is 100% committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment – which is why we combined four products into one. Yes our product is made of EPS – which 98% air and 2% oil. The life cycle analysis of EPS demonstrates that the positive benefits derived from its energy efficiency, exceeds the energy required for manufacture. However, this is not purely an EPS argument it’s about reducing the number of materials we use in the build – less materials, less impact.

What happens to the waste?

The ARIDON® teams use wire cutters to ensure there is no dust or debris littering our sites. Every piece of off-cut panel is either upcycled into the cavity as additional insulation or recycled.

Where is the SMART WALL system made?

The SMART WALL panels are made under contract by STYROBECK – the largest manufacturer of moulded EPS in New Zealand. Yes we import the beads from our German supplier – but we are proud Kiwis and want to ensure we keep it local!

How exactly does this SMART WALL system get installed?

Watch this 70 second YouTube video to find out.