Product Warranty

ARIDON Ltd warrants to the purchaser for a period of 15 years from the date of purchase that all ARIDON® supplied products ("ARIDON® Products") will be free from defects due to defective factory workmanship or defective materials subject to compliance with the conditions below:


The above warranty is subject to the following conditions:

1. The claimant must provide proof of purchase and evidence of the defective ARIDON® Products within 30 days (time being of the essence) of the date of the defect becoming reasonably apparent and prior to installation where any defect is reasonably apparent prior to installation.

2. ARIDON Ltd shall, at ARIDON Ltd.'s sole discretion, either replace, repair or reimburse the purchase price of the defective ARIDON® Products.

3. ARIDON Ltd shall not be liable for any consequential damage caused, directly or indirectly, as a result of any defective ARIDON® Products.

4. This warranty is not transferable.

5. This warranty excludes any colour variations or build-up of oxidation that may occur to the ARIDON® Products.

6. ARIDON® Products must only be installed in building projects that are compliant with the New Zealand Building Code.

7. All other warranties not expressly included within this document are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

8. The ARIDON® Products must be installed by an ARIDON Ltd licenced installer, in accordance with the ARIDON Ltd installation and specification guidelines that are current at the time of installation. This warranty is only enacted once the installation of the ARIDON® Products has been completed and signed off by ARIDON Ltd and all moneys due to ARIDON Ltd in respect of materials and installation have been paid in full (without any deduction or set-off).

9. All other materials that affect the performance of the ARIDON® Products must be designed, manufactured and installed strictly in accordance with the relevant supplier's specifications and in accordance with the New Zealand Building Code.

10. ARIDON Ltd will not be liable in any way for issues arising from poor on-site workmanship (unless the poor on-site workmanship relates to the installation of the ARIDON® Products by an ARIDON Ltd licenced installer), poor design (other than the design of the ARIDON® Products), site settlement or land subsidence, inundation or acts of God including but not limited to extreme weather, seismic activity and/or floods.


All claims made by ARIDON Ltd are subject to normal variations caused by manufacturing tolerances. The liability of ARIDON Ltd, its employees and representatives are limited to the maximum extent permitted by New Zealand Law.

The construction details provided by ARIDON Ltd are based on good building practice and the New Zealand Building Code requirements current at the time of their issue but do not purport to cover all instances of the product use. It remains the sole responsibility of the designer to ensure that all the relevant clauses of the New Zealand Building Code are complied with and the product is suitable for the intended application.

All rights a purchaser may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act are unaffected by this document.

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